Financial Management Course

Provided by the Eastern District of North Carolina Chapter 13 Trustees

Please download the following PDF to follow along with during your Zoom call.

The Chapter 13 Trustees of the Eastern District of North Carolina (EDNC) are now offering a FREE Financial Management Course using the Zoom virtual platform. Joining the Zoom class is easy and can be done from your browser. This is a certified course and satisfies the law’s requirement that you complete a financial management course prior to your discharge.

The virtual Zoom platform gives you the flexibility to choose from one of the multiple dates and times provided each month and allows you to take the class from the comfort of your own home, office or wherever you have access to the internet. The course is different from most online courses because it is LIVE and you are able to ask questions!

The Zoom web client allows joining a Zoom meeting without downloading any plugins or software. The Zoom experience is best on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Chromium Edge. (Google Chrome recommended.

**Simply click the “meeting link” provided below on the date and at the time of your choice and you are there!

The instructor will be online at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class to greet you!

There will be a Saturday class offered on 16 January, 2021 at 9:30 AM. If you wish to attend, click the link below 15 minutes prior to class time.

During the course you will be given a series of code words/numbers and a website used to authenticate course completion. So, make sure you have paper and something to write with! Once in the Zoom classroom, your instructor will guide you through the very easy process.

January Course Schedule

DateTimeMeeting Link
Jan 04, 20216:30 PM
Jan 05, 20216:30 PM
Jan 06, 20213:00 PM
Jan 11, 20216:30 PM
Jan 12, 20216:30 PM
Jan 13, 20216:30 PM
Jan 14, 20216:30 PM
Jan 16, 20219:30 AM
Jan 18, 20216:30 PM
Jan 19, 20216:30 PM
Jan 20, 20216:30 PM
Jan 21, 20216:30 PM
Jan 25, 20216:30 PM
Jan 26, 20216:30 PM
Jan 27, 20216:30 PM
Jan 28, 20216:30 PM