Important 341 Information

Due to the public health crisis related to COVID-19 and the General Order entered by the Court on March 27, 2020, the meeting of creditors in the cases on the following page will be conducted via Zoom or telephonically as set forth on the following page. Debtors without Zoom access should contact their attorney to make other arrangements.

For Telephonic 341 Meeting Information:

To View 341 Calendars By Date:

Bankruptcy Payment Options

TFS Bill-Pay

Fast and convenient, TFS Bill-Pay is the payment method preferred by your trustee.

TFS MoneyGram Card

With a TFS MoneyGram Card, you can make a payment at over 39,000 MoneyGram locations across the U.S., including at participating Walmart and CVS stores.

E-Pay Through Truist

If you signed up to make electronic payments to our office prior to March 2020, you may have signed up for our “E-Pay” Service through Truist.

Mail A Payment

We accept personal checks, Cashier’s Checks, and Money Orders. DO NOT SEND CASH. Please be sure to write your BANKRUPTCY CASE NUMBER on each check or money order you send us.

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